Empowering the American Dream

“Our nation was born as a beacon of freedom to inspire the world, and today that beacon still shines brightly

for all to see. I’ve been blessed to live the American Dream as a father, a husband, a businessman and community leader.

I recognize that to expand the American Dream for all we need to grow freedom in a variety of areas,

and as Congressman, I’ll do just that.” – Bruce

On Education, we need greater freedom to innovate, to enable school choice and to empower parents.  I believe local control and parental involvement are vital to our educational system. I will not support Common Core or other similar types of federal standards that reduce local control.  In my experience with my daughters’ education, I have seen firsthand how local control works best. Hampton Falls was ranked top 5 in the country for its school, and that was because the local school board and parents were calling the shots.

On Health Care, we need greater freedom to empower the free market.  Our health care system is

broken.  As an employer, health care was the biggest cost I paid.  In fact, I paid 75% of my employees’ health insurance because I believe in taking care of my own.  However, I know that this is unsustainable for many companies out there. We need market-based reforms in order to fix our system.  As a cancer survivor, I understand the importance of advanced medical care that is responsive and efficient to meet evolving needs.   There is too much waste and inefficiency in our healthcare system.   We can and must do better.

On Regulatory Reform, we need greater freedom to eliminate outdated, burdensome and costly government regulations.   Put simply, the federal government needs to get out of the way of our job creators.   Many have talked over the years for regulatory reform, but too few have taken the time to study the thousands of regulations that choke, clog and constrain our economy, and take steps to roll them back.  Governor Sununu has done an excellent job focusing on regulatory reform at the state level, and that is the focus we need in Washington.

On Tax Reform, we need greater freedom to give back hard earned money to taxpayers.   I support President Trump’s tax reform plan, which has reinvigorated our economy while helping working families and businesses across New Hampshire and America.   We can do even more to smartly reform our tax code so that it supports everyday Americans, not lobbyists and special interests.

Strengthening our Country and Communities

“We are blessed to live in the greatest, most powerful nation the world has ever known.

America is a great land, and within it, New Hampshire is a shining tribute to liberty, prosperity and civic engagement.

But as has long been said, the price of freedom is eternal vigilance. As Americans, we are strivers, never satisfied with

the status quo and so it must remain to keep our country and communities safe and strong.” – Bruce

On National Security, we must ensure that our military is – and always remains – the strongest in the world, with the funding, tools and training they need to keep our country safe.   In an uncertain world, we must be a constant friend to allies, while clear eyed and tough with adversaries like Russia and North Korea.   Cybersecurity is another emerging area of critical importance, and through my work in the technology space, I know what we must do to protect ourselves in this new frontier.

On Immigration, we are blessed to be a nation of immigrants.   My own family got its start here when my grandfather immigrated from Quebec in the 1920s to work in the Lawrence shoe mills.   I support legal immigration, but we must be smart – our system requires reforms that put our country’s needs and safety first.   We must end illegal immigration, by increasing border security through a physical wall and other measures, introduction of an E-verify system, and placing greater limits on chain migration.   We must also switch to a merit-based system of legal immigration.   I also support President Trump’s desire to create a reasonable, safe solution for addressing the DACA children in our country.

On Opioids, this crisis is on the forefront of our minds here.   Too many lives have been lost and too many families devastated by this blight on our state.   State and local officials, communities and non-profits are all undertaking heroic efforts daily to help break the cycle of addiction.  We need a federal delegation that can work with the Administration to ensure our state receives the funding necessary to support these important efforts.

On the Second Amendment, I’m an avid supporter of the individual right to keep and bear arms, and recognize it as an important guarantor of our other constitutional rights.  I’m an NRA member and a long-time gun owner.

On Veterans, we can never do enough to repay our collective debt we owe them for their service and sacrifice.  Today, our veterans are ill-served by a VA system that has been broken for too many years.  There is too much talk of reform, and not enough action.   I will fight to get veterans the care and comfort they deserve each and every day.