Bruce Crochetiere is a husband to his wife of 23 years MaryBeth.   A father of high school age two daughters, Alyssa and Sam.   A successful businessman who founded his own technology company 20 years ago, who has created jobs and helped to grow our economy.   A coach for local youth soccer and softball teams, and an avid supporter of youth field hockey.   A gun owner who embraces the freedoms embodied in the Second Amendment.  A cancer survivor who knows what it means to fight when the stakes are high.   A proud resident of Hampton Falls for 13 years and counting.   A lifelong Republican first inspired by President Ronald Reagan.   But Bruce is new to politics, and having focused his life on his family, his business and his community, he is excited at the possibility of serving the people and state that have given him so much.

Bruce is a third generation American, whose grandfather Leo came to America from Quebec in 1922 looking for an opportunity to embrace the American dream.    Leo Crochetiere first worked as a leather cutter in the Lawrence, MA shoe mills.  It wasn’t easy work.  The hours were long and the pay was low.  But it was honest work, and to this day it serves as an inspiration to Bruce and a daily reminder to him of the value of a strong work ethic.   Upon graduating from college Bruce began his career, first working as a technology sales representative.  After a decade of earning his place in the industry, Bruce pursued his dream of starting his own company.   After saving nearly every penny they had for a year and mortgaging their home, Bruce and MaryBeth risked it all to start Focus Technology Solutions in 1998.   Like most start-ups, the first few years of Focus were both exciting and humbling, but through hard work and determination Bruce and his wife grew the company from its modest beginnings into $50 million dollar information technology and service solutions company it is today.   Bruce is proud to have employed hundreds of employees during this time, providing good, quality jobs with steady incomes.

Bruce has never been involved in politics, but he understands the importance of principled leadership, collaboration and teamwork.  He recognizes the enormous gap between how stagnant New Hampshire’s current representatives in DC are when compared to the vibrant, can-do leadership of Governor Chris Sununu and elected Republicans in the State House.    He sees how Democrats in Washington don’t want to work with President Trump, and refuse to engage in meaningful dialogue to make our state a better, stronger place to live.   Our members of Congress must be our champions, and must work with all sides – Republican and Democrat – to get the job done on behalf of Granite Staters.   For too long, Carol Shea-Porter has been part of the resistance in DC.   Bruce is running to be part of a resurgence in DC.   To work with President Trump and his Administration, as well as fellow Republicans and Democrats in Congress to get the job done on behalf of New Hampshire.

As the founder of a small business, Bruce recognizes that DC must do more to empower these engines of our economy and get government out of the way.    Bruce also recognizes that our broken health care system must be fixed once and for all.   As CEO, Bruce chose to pay 75% of his employees’ health care costs because he believes in taking care of his own, but he knows there is a better way through free market innovation.   Bruce is passionate about education and ensuring that local control is paramount, where parents, local teachers and local school boards set the agenda – not Washington.    Bruce believes that every day must be Veterans Day, and is ready to do everything necessary to ensure our veterans get the care, comfort and support they need and deserve.

Bruce may be new to politics, but he understands that he has to work hard to earn your support.  He is an optimistic leader, and enthusiastic about taking on our challenges in Washington to make our state and our nation safer and more prosperous.   He’s looking forward to sharing his fresh perspective and proven record of success with voters on the campaign trail, and earn support the old fashioned way – one handshake at a time.